Thursday, 25 April 2013

Not all Glamour

 If you're of the opinion the House of Flora is always like this:
 You'd be wrong.

This week's been busy.
But, I've still had time to frock-up with Flora frippery.
In one of my Eco-caftans, every skerrick of fabric is used in the making of
this said mu-mu.
Fold in half, sew-up the sides.
Cut a whole out for a neckline.
Make that bit into a corsage.
This week, I've experienced glamour photos of the chalkface's kitchen utensils.
To make the bits and pieces easier to identify for the junior workers.
When there's fifty hands rifling through a drawer.
Not for the faint-hearted, that class.

If you squint you can see our Teacher-Aide in the soup and teaspoon!
I'm doing a shout-out for the excellence.
I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.

 I set myself a challenge to wear a Flora corsage each day.
This one's nice, it's blue-hued soft mesh.
On my wrist is my Loveseeds bracelet.
Pink quartz, silver and coral.
Made by one of my oldest friends, from my own chalkface.
Lucky, I know.
Here's two more Loveseeds.
Moonstone and Onyx.
Silver beads and charms sourced from the Karen Tribe on the Burma and Thai Border.
 With a complimenting costume Flora on the right.
 Loveseeds gives you research in the beads' origins and they are Fairtrade.
A kind of slow-jewellery movement, too.
Mine reminds me to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.
Let me know if you want one.
You can pick the semi-precious stones.

Mr Fascinata had a Birthday.
This year's cake reflected protion-control with real blue-berries.

 Not quite like last year's.
Get excited it's nearly the weekend!

And don't forget the Embroiderers' Guild Mothers' Day Craft Fair this Sunday.


  1. I love your blue top and accessories. They are so pretty! Fabulous cake! :)

  2. Thank you Kim, it was from Topshop, a while back. I was amazed at the smocking stitch technique across the shoulders. I off to visit you at the Venetian now! x

  3. Gorgeous. The cake looks amazing!! I hope he had a wonderful time. Lovely accessories, so beautiful x