Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Closet Clause - Fashion Blog, Fashion News Daily: Kate Moss checks in at the Ritz for US Vogue, Apri...

The Closet Clause - Fashion Blog, Fashion News Daily: Kate Moss checks in at the Ritz for US Vogue, Apri...: Karl Lagerfeld took over the first-floor-spanning Imperial Suite, seen here, for his 1996 couture collection. Chanel Haute Couture embroid...

When Vogue Comes to Town

Have you seen the September issue of Vogue Australia?
It's lovely and it's thick.
If you only buy one magazine a year and knock yourself out with the Ipad the remainder,
make it a September issue.

It's always a happy day when Vogue comes to the House of Flora PO Box.
I haven't always subscribed to Vogue, only when back in the day, I was sent out to whoop-whoop
to work at a couple of chalkfaces.
I reignited the subscription when this offer was up and running for Vogue's 50th Birthday.
Barbie. My destiny was Shop-Girl Barbie.
Never thought I'd see it, but it arrived.
Too good to be true.
I was not unhappy with her.

She's still padded up via Australia Post policy, because I am a hoarder
and I've preserved her for posterity.
She also Going Grey Great. Bit Daphne Guiness-like gorgeous.
Black suit, fine fish-nets and a camellia!
I nearly fainted.

Judging by this hoard though, it looks like I earned that subscriber's gift.
The workers love it when the archives come into the chalkface for a retrospective study.

Ciao, Bella.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lace and Hoarding

As stated, this post is all about lace and hoarding, so if that's not your thing, please go
 and do something more worthwhile.
Truth is Mr Fascinata cannot see his way clear to understand my ways of working with decorator frippery.
In his mind's eye, his haven is minimal, not at all maximal.
He is also a stickler for Workplace Health and Safety Compliance.
And chances are, this old pine cupboard (below) also known as a 'meat safe'
(used to store food before refridgeration) might be getting the axe.
You see, it uses one wall as its fourth leg support.
And the truth is out.
It's harmless. Filled only with a bit of object d'art.
And no small children abound.
I've used it today as showcase to strengthen its cause,
modelling the most wonderful gift I received this week.
From G, of the Embroiderers' Guild and organiser of the Jindalee Craft Fair.
G had asked me if I was interested in any of her 'stash' as she was de-hoarding.
It arrived, as to be honest, I cried when I opened it!
I am not unhappy.
Mr Fascinata tried to make me feel better, by saying. 'Well, no-one from the Guild's going to send you rubbish'.
Point taken.
Here's what I found, and lovely G has made gowns from each fabric!
Imagine the stories. Would love to see some photos.

Thank you G, I am so grateful.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Silver Lining

I spent most of yesterday's commute home slack jawed and gazing into shop fronts
because most of it was spent stationary in the car.
Very bad traffic congestion, indeed.
On the upside I spied two part-mannequins outside a charity shop, perfect for pinning Flora's movable feast
when she needs it.
A silver lining.
Remind you of anything?
Maison Guillet?
I am not unhappy with the fixture.
Have a crafty weekend booked in my mind's eye.
Giving the Marc Jacob's raised dot silk blend a whirl
on the 35 year old Bernina sewing machine,

using a circa 1980's pattern with a bit of an opening edit.
I'll wear it with my spot black Wolford tights, that I have had for a year
and am too scared to put on because of the Barcelona incident. I had bought a pair and laddered them in progress of getting them in-situ on the pins.
Mr Fascinata found me sititng upright and sobbing.
Tights despatched in the hotel room waste paper bin.
Is it just me or does-this-happen-to-everyone?
The set of dress patterns gifted to the workers' textile department a while back and finally
so out that it's back in again!
Had Sports Day today at the chalkface, was given seriously the best job
for half the day, giving out the prize ribbons!
Got into some good conversations with lovely colleagues, caught up with one Arts staff
who actually had seen Jeff's Puppy in Bilbao, at the Guggenheim in Spain.
Too lucky.
It was nice to find someone from my tribe.
I've been ransacking the House of Flora and the textiles storeroom for all sorts of
repurposed stuff for the Seniors to use in their latest challenge.

Flashed up Chanel's answer to Make Do and Mend for the Seniors textile assignment.
It was given a mixed reaction. Personally, I'd almost kill for it.
The price point was a shock for some! And an inspiration for others.
Speaking of the workers, one of the graduated ones, is in London competing in Synchronised Swimming for Australia!
How special is that?
I've sent her a heroes message via the Telstra communications network!
Her name's Francesca Owen or Frankie.
I used to love asking Francesca about the waterproof make-up and the costumes they wore.
She always said, 'the make-up's waterproof.'
Can't wait to watch a bit of the synchronisation or water-ballet, as they say.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

National Treasure Corsage

These ravishingly beautiful indigo corsages
are hand-woven and dyed with natural plant indigo.
Crafted by South Korean National Treasure Artist, Ok-Ja Choi.

I wore my lovely rose corsage to the chalkface today. Hand-made, hand-woven silk and
hand-dyed by saffron stamens' pigment,
and a gift from Ok-Ja.
I met Ok-Ja a while back when she exhibited in Brisbane.
Can you believe a friend and chalkface colleague arranged her to gift the corsage to me!
I was astonished.
I was able to buy a little strip of her saffron dyed hand-woven silk.
It's waiting for a Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
To be honest, I am nervous.

I missed the House of Flora studio this week.
Instead of the week looking like this,
Or this.
It's been like this:
Chicken Soup.
Managing Man Flu # 101.
No time for the usual frippery.
It's rife.
Luckily, I have the chalkface workers to keep me buoyed.
The Palestinian embroidery's really taking shape.
The worker who's making it is really exploiting our theme:
Make Do and Mend, to its maximum.
She's unravelled a woollen jumper and re-purposed to produce a textile fabric based on the
geometry of Palestinian embroidery.
It's going to be a clutch purse!
Good work!
It's lovely.
I saw Palestinian embroidery at the Embroiderers' Guild.
Head Tutor Deborah Loves' work.
I enjoy the cultural significance for women.
Until recently, Palestinian embroidery was practiced by most women living in the countryside. After completing their house chores, country women gathered in groups, chattered news of the community and practiced the art of Palestinian embroidery, al-tatreez. Older women made cloth articles for their daughters or for their son’s dowry, and young women worked on articles for themselves and their families or for their future family homes. After the lives of the Palestinians were turned upside down as a result of their political misfortune, and after the exodus of most Palestinians from their homes, villages and cities, first in 1948 and second in 1967, the art of embroidery became a luxury which many Palestinian families could not afford. As the struggle of the Palestinians for their individual and collective survival intensified, the practice of Palestinian embroidery by individuals and families faded away more and more, almost to extinction. 

The Ladhah Foundation

Stay healthy, remember to eat a rainbow.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012


 Here's a range of Flora-One-of-a-Kinds, centred.
I particularly like working on the centre of the fleurs.
And don't get me started on how much I love flower stamens.

Each fleur is hand-cut, hand-pieced either stitched or glued in place,
 after a range of fabric finishes are applied.

My studio's a very happy place for me.
Lucky, I know.
Hope these images of the workers' rainbow of vegetables posters make you smile!
Straight from the Cruciferous and Colourful workshop!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, no vegetables were wasted in the completion of this project.
The workers ate their assignments.
As instructed, even the Brussell sprouts!

I found
I could say things with
color and shapes that I couldn't say
in any other way - things that
I had no words for.
Poppy by Georgia O’Keefe