Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When Vogue Comes to Town

Have you seen the September issue of Vogue Australia?
It's lovely and it's thick.
If you only buy one magazine a year and knock yourself out with the Ipad the remainder,
make it a September issue.

It's always a happy day when Vogue comes to the House of Flora PO Box.
I haven't always subscribed to Vogue, only when back in the day, I was sent out to whoop-whoop
to work at a couple of chalkfaces.
I reignited the subscription when this offer was up and running for Vogue's 50th Birthday.
Barbie. My destiny was Shop-Girl Barbie.
Never thought I'd see it, but it arrived.
Too good to be true.
I was not unhappy with her.

She's still padded up via Australia Post policy, because I am a hoarder
and I've preserved her for posterity.
She also Going Grey Great. Bit Daphne Guiness-like gorgeous.
Black suit, fine fish-nets and a camellia!
I nearly fainted.

Judging by this hoard though, it looks like I earned that subscriber's gift.
The workers love it when the archives come into the chalkface for a retrospective study.

Ciao, Bella.

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