Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Roomful of Corsages

Popped into the city yesterday, visited A Roomful of Roses, in the Brisbane Arcade, Queen Street
 and found this little gem of a fabric store, just across the way.
Genuine designer textiles.
Came away with:
A wool tweed with a touch of silver lurex used by Chanel.
A pure silk, with silk yarn embroidered sheer organza.
Ready for fleurs.
A Roomful of Roses.
Image: A Roomful of Roses, from AWarmSliceof Brisbane.blogspot
Had a lovely morning tea.
Didn't quite wear this, but wished I could have.
Valentino, circa 1950s a silk tulle rosey embellishment.
Last night had the luxury of working in the House of Flora.
I disobeyed the Embroiderers' Guild maxim, to only embroider when the housework's done.
And created camellias, from the tweed.
Hope you like them.
It's a special shoot.

This lovely piece of embellished mesh is next on Flora's to-do list.
I am not kidding, when I tell you it was $980/m. C-o-u-t-u-r-e, yes, that's right.
It was reduced slightly, and I just bought a sliver.

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