Monday, 16 July 2012

What You Wish For

Looks like I'll be in Good Company this Thursday night.
I'm thrilled!
This outstanding invite came through via txt on my three-year-old Blackberry,
one of the few phones left of its kind.
With a msg, Would you be my guest?
I felt like Charlie out of that Chocolate Factory Movie,
that never fails to makes me hungry.
I always liked how Willie Wonka threatened the children with, No frippery!
And, I am not kidding when I'm telling you I'll be hanging out with the likes of these lovelies.
I'm going to Paris -Bombay.
Chanel 2012 Paraded.
Who would have thought?
And, I am so excited that these, (bought in good faith that something special would arise),
will be see me suitably well-heeled.
Although off-set with something not quite so high-end.
Simple, yes- more than likely, noir.
Here's me back in the day, no wrinkles, sporting a replica white camellia with a pre-Flora satin bow.
Definitely not on-trend, back in those heady days.
But brand loyalty, through and through.
No-one else got in the way. LV leave now, you too, Dior.
I've even written the two CCs symbol into a training manual
for A Successful Marriage.
Must ensure partner is cognisant of it and buys accordingly.
No nasty suprises around birthdays.
Here's proof the manual works.
These creamy pots were bought as instructed, they are a time-saving wonder,
 no more does the shadow fall all over your face
if you are a little bit on the rushed side of application.
They are worth it.
I like to think it's the little people like us who buy the bits and pieces from high-end houses are
keeping the cogs churning in these tough economic climes.

I'll report back.
Email me if you want the manual.

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