Wednesday, 4 July 2012


To be honest, I am fixated by this page in my favourite Chanel book.
I could look at it for hours, and as a consequence; have amassed my own collection.
Not quite in the same vein, but nonetheless some satisfying facsimiles.
Lots of lovely provenance here: a hand made peach coloured silk rose from
Ok Ja Choi (a Korean National Treasure artisan), a Burberry look-a-like,
 white leather rose bought from a wagon stall outside Galleries Layfette, Paris, 
and a red velvet rose, unkown designer, heavily reduced,
but exorbitantly priced from the start.
No Chanel, but nonetheless.
To be honest, as much as I would like to, can't bring myself to.
Bit too much.
I'll make do with a book.
And my quest, to craft my own camellias.
I don't think Chanel would actually mind.
I think she'd understand, her and I do have a bit in common, I like to think.
She might even be flattered.

Here's two of Chanel's models, generously styling the House of Flora's latest camellia wool.
Purchased from The Fabric Store, Newstead, Brisbane.
Ready for camellia petals to be carefully cut and pieced.
Here's my latest homage to Chanel.
I'll trot them out on the 14 July, in the company of the Guild.
I am not unhappy with them.
Quite lovely, I think.


  1. Love, love the Camelias Mel! Will be in touch for a swop, will send you a piece of my jewellery, (if you want one) lol! Have a great weekend, lol Bea xxx

    1. Thank you! I have a pink tweed with a hint of lurex that I think will be gorgeous for you! If you think so.