Saturday, 21 July 2012

Delivering the Message

It's been a busy week at the chalkface. One thing I love about the doing business with the workers is that I always get to acknowledge (and learn) about so many events, both world and local.
No stone's usually left unturned.
This week we celebrated NAIDOC week, a.ka. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Day of Observerance Committee.
We assembled, sat and listened to a guest speaker, Aunty Margaret.
Aunty Margaret gave us a candid insight into her years growing up,
orphaned twice, fostered and eventually living the rich and satisfying life she's made today.
Boy, she was a powerful speaker, she delivered some strong messages.
One of the staff also made a visual presentation, documenting key points in history for both Reconciliation
and the more shameful history for white Australians.
This painting's by Brisbane artist Roy Link.
It's called Meeting Place.
I've got a fair bit of Indigenous artwork.
To be honest, I love it.
I've been a bit Oscar Wildish when it comes to buying art, all the rest of the money I've wasted,
or so the saying goes.
Unbelievably, I haven't done any of this, all week.
My neck's been cactus, from moving the Poodle Parlour to re-purpose the office move.
I tried to go Friday morning, but couldn't sleep the night before.
Still in Bombay time.
I've still got this to contend with because of the room rearrange.
Thank goodness, I've still got Paris to Bombay to visit in my mind's eye.
As you'd expect, Karl's Brisbane version was sublime.
Source: StephHenk1977 Flickr Photostream
It kicked off at the Old Museum, one of Brisbane's few and fair between architectural landmarks.
I've taken some of these photos from and Chanel.
And there's a few of lovely C's Iphone shots.
The three-year-old Blackberry's camera doesn't cut the cheese.
I took Karl's message back to the chalkface.
I've introduced the workers to the dreadlocks and bindi adornment for their upcoming Senior Formal,
 they gave the look the seal of approval. I must say, I am quite partial, too.

Lavish is an understatment.
Camellias are rife around Brisbane at the minute. I wasn't unhappy to see them.

The food was special, little tasting bits and pieces from Australian celebrated chef Christine Mansfield.
 All Indian inspired.
Christine trotted out at the end and did the rounds of the tables.
Of course the Champagne was Perrier. You-know-who's favourite.
Thank you Coco. x
The goodie bag was a treat, not filled with one-day complimentary gym passes and stuff you'll never use.
But the likes of two nail polishes! Straight to the point.
I gave one polish to one of my colleagues.
And the little Chanel bag.
I think giving the bag was harder!
This brooch was garnishing the shoulder of our neighbour at the table.
It really was about the handmade adornments, as much as the Indian inspired shapes and designs.
I'm baited. Must turn away now.
Here's Karl's idea of how to embellish his collection, if you desire.

After open-encouragement I pillaged one of the chrysanthemum hand stitched flora garlands
from the sets,
felt a bit embarrassed but then saw others in on the act.
I've mashed up all sorts of scenes with it around the House of Flora.
 The frenchie was the most interested.
 Chewed the ear of anyone I could, when I got home.
Some ears were more open than others.
Some not quite as captivated, by the extraordinary art of Chanel.

I am lucky and I know it.
Thank you C, for the top-up of photos!

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