Monday, 23 July 2012

Eat a Rainbow

Was lucky to have a glass or two of this on the weekend.
Dom's frippery, again this time no Andy Warhol, but an illuminated label, nonetheless.
Yes, I kid you not.
Press the button under the bottle.
It lights up.
Away you go, energy saving, ambient living.
It's almost a lamp.

Here's Dom's frippery, in-situ with a couple of green-themed floras.
And Dom, outside his Champagne house.
Here's Flora en vacance, I won't lie to you, we only actually got to the gift shop!
Switch it off when you put the cat out.
Had a lovely day today, went over to a Primary School and taught the workers about why they must eat rainbows.
Rainbows of vegetables, in lots of colours.
It was special, I knew the workers would ask a lot of questions and they did.
Lucky I was pre-planned.
Those workers were a privilege to work with.
We covered high-brow concepts like phytochemicals and diet and lifestyle related diseases.
Lucky the Dom's too dear, because let's face it, alcohol and sugar don't get a look in
in the race for phytochemicals.
Excited that this lovely flora is about to go abroad.
Bon voyage, One-of-a-Kind Flora.
Received a lovely email today, too.
From one of the sell-out artists from the Embroiderers Guild.
I'm warning you, you need to get-in-early to buy her pieces.
The loveliest person, she sorted the Motor Neurone fundraising raffle at the Jindalee Craft Fair.
Hi Flora
I have been sorting my stash of fabrics and notions. Having seen your beautiful creative pieces, I have put aside some things that I thought you might be able to use.
I am sorry to say that I have misplaced your PO Box address.If you would care to send it to me again, I would be happy to send these pieces to you. If you don’t want them, please feel free to dispose of them as you wish.
Best regards and happy stitching,
Thank you, G. x

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