Monday, 9 July 2012


Here's some of the corsages ready for the Jindalee Bowls Club, Brisbane on Saturday 14 July.
I've blown the budget on those two uber-models from Chanel.
Too many out-goings on the balance sheet.
So, for today's shoot had to wheel out a satin covered dummy. Apologies.

I'll never neglect you, glitter.

This rose is lovely. It's pure silk, a One-of-a-Kind original, guaranteed to give you a boost.
 This camellia is wool, pure, with silver lurex.
Can you tell, I am really chuffed about this style of camellia?
And Picasa 3's  boost of smoke and mirrors editing for that matter?
I saw a 1935 version of a Midsummer Night's Dream on Foxtel on Friday night.
Isn't Ann Louise amazing? No special effects, no facial zhu zhu.
All natural.
Honestly, it was beautiful.

Mr Fascinata was at the Rugby, so I got to watch whatever frippery I wanted.
I loved it.
I'm teaching it to the junior workers later this term.
Might try to show it to them.
I've got my back to the television a-t-m, can hear SBS News.
Can hear talk of Mars.
Why does talk of space travel irk me so much?
Is it the fiscal sense?
Stay boosted, we've got a lot to be thankful for.

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