Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lace and Hoarding

As stated, this post is all about lace and hoarding, so if that's not your thing, please go
 and do something more worthwhile.
Truth is Mr Fascinata cannot see his way clear to understand my ways of working with decorator frippery.
In his mind's eye, his haven is minimal, not at all maximal.
He is also a stickler for Workplace Health and Safety Compliance.
And chances are, this old pine cupboard (below) also known as a 'meat safe'
(used to store food before refridgeration) might be getting the axe.
You see, it uses one wall as its fourth leg support.
And the truth is out.
It's harmless. Filled only with a bit of object d'art.
And no small children abound.
I've used it today as showcase to strengthen its cause,
modelling the most wonderful gift I received this week.
From G, of the Embroiderers' Guild and organiser of the Jindalee Craft Fair.
G had asked me if I was interested in any of her 'stash' as she was de-hoarding.
It arrived, as to be honest, I cried when I opened it!
I am not unhappy.
Mr Fascinata tried to make me feel better, by saying. 'Well, no-one from the Guild's going to send you rubbish'.
Point taken.
Here's what I found, and lovely G has made gowns from each fabric!
Imagine the stories. Would love to see some photos.

Thank you G, I am so grateful.

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