Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Healthy and Grateful

In loco-parentis
I'm always going on to the workers about things to be grateful for,
and maybe some days, it's just a healthy breakfast.
Healthier than Chanel's request for camellias to break-her-fast, or so the legend says.
I read somewhere, it's either fashion or eating, so that makes sense, I suppose.
I'm grateful for a few things.
Wore this glitter and grosgrain flora to the chalkface and had an admiring glance from one of the Teacher Aides,
she's a gem.
The workers just adore her.
It's wrapped up, for her, tomorrow.
She's earned it, that's for sure.
I'm grateful for the whole lot of them.
Grateful too, I am off to Paris - Bombay. Paris - Bombay has reached fever-pitch.
Inspired. I've sourced already flora-ed white camellias on the 'net.
Because I was delirious.
Don't panic, they are not from who you think.
A worthwhile facsimile, though.
Have enough sense not to trot one out in Paris or Bombay.
The outfit's sorted. Yes, noir.
I've received the personalised-calligraphic invite.
Grateful too, for good friends. I wish I was lying to you
when I am saying this collection of poodle nonsense is mine.
This, indeed, is not healthy.
It's featured here because it is no-longer-in-situ.
The Poodle Parlour has been re-purposed into a home office.
I am not kidding.
The collection's been shoved into a cupboard.

This species was pre-owned by a friend at the chalkface (when she was a toddler),
she'd looked after it for years, and then decided she'd gift it to me.
The collection's amassed from many generous Flora-supporters through the years
since the arrival of the previously-owned-wolf in lamb's clothing, bought from the classified ads.
The masses were somehow inspired to look out for all sorts of caniches in various guises,
when it came out in the wash I owned the breed.
So, it's not really my fault, is it?
I keep seeing the state of things in Syria on the news.
Last night I search Syrian artists, on line.
Don't do it if you are faint-hearted.
Mine broke, especially when I read about the backstories behind so many casualities of war.
I'm sad.
I'm grateful for everyday, and grateful for our freedom.
Mr Fascinata has warned me, 'Not to get political'.
So I won't I'll stick to yarns and threads and fabrics.
One of the workers at the chalkface has started her response to a textiles assignment 'Make Do and Mend'.
It based around thrifting and a 'sustainable response to a textile challenge'.
She unravelled the yarn from her sister's old bright blue wool jumper and is creating the most striking Palestinian style embroidery, on aida cloth. No pattern, her own culture's design.
Ideas from her grandmother back in the day, in Iraq.
It's beautiful.
I'm grateful I get to see this.

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