Thursday, 12 July 2012

Position Vacant

Here's looking back at a few images of what was,
the Orchid Society.

Looking too, for an addition to the House of Flora's Marketing division
 in the form of a house model,
that doesn't charge as much as those lovelies from Chanel.
Anyone interested?
Will pay in good quality coffee and cakes.
Mr Fascinata has warned me not to expand the business too quickly.
These are harsh economic climes.
I hope he doesn't ask to see my business plan.
The pay will be not quite like these above, more like this pictured below.

It's critical to get the pie's shape right to get the Whoopie feeling.
Have put The Fabric Store to good use.
With the likes of these:
I have to say, I am partial to that silk-self-black-spot.
And, that big pink wool camellia.
Conjured up a few lovely-looking neck pieces.

Apologies re: the new shoes gratuitously appearing in this post.
It's about the 60% reduction more than anything!
On the up-side the House of Fora's models don't mind being pushed into a junk room
when the shoot's interrupted.
They are pretty easy going and always available.
See you at the Jindalee Bowls Club, Brisbane, this Saturday for the Craft Sale - 10am - 1pm.
Get in early.


  1. Being old and on the other side of the world sort of counts me out to apply for the job of house model lol! But I will proudly model my Camellia made with your fair hands! sending oodles of love, Bea xx

  2. Meant to say I love the neck pieces, gorgeous! xx