Saturday, 14 July 2012

Join in the Fun

Got up early today, to get organised for the Jindalee Craft Fair.
Left these two + one other in bed.
Passed out.
Donned the official Flora uniform + a pure silk corsage.
To join some of the Embroiderers Guild at the Jindalee Bowls Club.
They're are good company, that crowd.
Those ladies don't waste a minute.
I'll never be sorry I bought the Josh Goot.
I am never unhappy with it.
It's been more than serviceable.
Here's a pop-up Flora stall, in-situ.

Felt wonderfully supported by my lovely chalkface colleagues who dropped by.
My lovely chalkface friend M contributed to her already large collection of Floras.
It's uncanny, she always seems to have the right thing to wear with them.
Beautiful H also snatched up a pale pink silk rose corsage.
It was lovely on her.
One of the chalkface librarians also did her bit for the economy.

Spent the incomings, swiftly and evenly, on the likes of this, above and below:
Anne Humphrey's wattle embroidered brooch and smocked and embroidered covered coat hangers.
Thought, what a great corporate gift those wattle brooches would be.
Must tell my boss at the chalkface about Anne's Handmade Gifts.
And Gabrielle Henderson's bullion stitch heart brooch.
That pale pink and mint green colour scheme gets me every time.
There was almost a stampede to her table at opening time.
Don't say I didn't tell you to get-in-early.
Money well spent.
Met Tricia Smout, too.
Tricia's a textiles, fibre and paper artist, who in 2012, is Artist-in-Residence at the
Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha, she artistically set up in the Richard Randall Studio for ten days back in June.
She'll be be back in the Richard Randall Studio in November.
But meanwhile, she'll have lots of other things on the go on the Mt.
She was lovely.
Tricia's lovely cousin, Gay recently helped make this vine and flora garland and headpiece that she wore today.
I must say, I am partial to it!
Gay, Tricia and a group of others artistic types also made Swishy Swathes of vines, leaves and flowers.
that adorned the shelter sheds around the gardens.
She's posted about this, on May 8.
There's was flora garland galore in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.
Tricia's busy, she's working on a variety of collaborations throughout the year.
Join in the Fun!
FOCUS ON NATURE photography plant related.
The A-I-R MAIL ENVELOPE Project..decorate an envelope...relate to The Language of Nature.
The Web Project...Make a Spider's Web...knit...crochet....any other?
All collaborations will be displayed at the Richard Randall Art Studio
6-14 November
Let Tricia know that you want to participate.

I am making a Flora for Tricia's Flowers of Friendship collaboration (I've got a little time extension).
If you want she gives you this square of calico to start with.
I'll work a bit of Flora magic on it.
Got home to find this on the driveway.
Packaged up.
Can't wait to read it.
From my lovely friend, L.
Don't know where she got the idea from that I'd love it?

Chanel No 5's Secret was my present for minding her 11 year old,
and passing on a bit of the Flora legacy,
this time with hand-made felt desserts fascinator!
Never to young to start, but it must be age appropriate.
In return, I was introduced to the wonders of the Whoopie Pie.
Have fun!
Join some of Tricia's collaborations, or go to see them in November.
I'll remind you.

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