Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Had quite an inspired day, yesterday.
Saw my friend, E and her textile works-in-progress.
E, is an artisan extraordinaire.
After morning tea,
we went downtown and looked in a couple of decorator stores.
repurposed a bit of hoarding into this towered cup arrangement, as below.
I am not unhappy with it.

The tea-cup arrangement makes Mr Fascinata nervous.
Good thing, he doesn't do the dusting.
E brought over her latest tassel-in-progress, a technique called a fucshia style.
Hence, it's flower-like appearance.
These lovely fuchsias are from my Uncle's place in Tasmania.
A while back.
A micro-climate for growing camellias and gardenias, too, effortlessly.
So jealous.
All these parts will make a whole.

This is a close-up of E's pure wool hand-woven throw.
I am still crafting fleurs.

And, I am thrilled to be a part of a craft market, with some aid 
to the Motor Neurone Disease Association Inc.
Coming up on July 14.
At the Jindalee Bowls Club: 10am - 1pm.
I'll post more details, soon.
I'll be in very good company, with some of the members from the Embroiderers' Guild.
Make sure you get there early.
Here's E's lapel, sporting the hand-inked Akira wool Flora-one-of-a-Kind corsage.
Akira, if you are reading this, remember to email me about our collaboration, please.
We are going to get something cracking for E's House of Tassels.
Luckily for her, I might have found a demand through the lovely Amber Design Interiors blog,
Amber herself put out this plea; it's a good sign.

Camel Tassels
Hi Folks...I am desperately searching high and low to find Camel Tassels....yep, you heard me right. CAMEL TASSELS.This may sound like a strange request...unless you know me and then you are not surprised or shocked at the randomness.
After watching a recent episode of "An Idiot Abroad" when he took a trip to Egypt, I became infatuated with all the colors on the camels. Especially the particular one he rode across the Jordanian dessert to get to Petra. I could care less about the 7th wonder of the world or the great pyramids in Cairo....I wanted the CAMEL TASSELS. I want to hang them from a chandelier or sew them on pillows or use them as tie backs for my living room curtains. Or put them on my cat so she can look prettier....
1} an expert in the field of camel riding
2} a professional camel tassel maker 3} a desert dweller who herds camels across the sandy plains to entertain tourists?
4} a camel
Please forward me the pertinent information so that I may swindle myself some of these lovely adornments. Thank You kindly, Amber

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