Sunday, 1 July 2012

Getting Cracking

Our lovely Queensland weather's back to its old-self, today.
Thank goodness, for all those bods who've spent a fortune to holiday here from further afield.
Speaking of holidays, I've used up 50% of mine.
Time to get cracking.
Despite a little sunshine, if you are not using this labour saving, cost-effective and health-promoting dry-heat cooking technique.
You're mad.
Sweet potatoes, pontiacs, salad onions, pumpkin, throw a bit of fennel in towards the end.
A couple of sprigs of rosemary, too.
Perhaps sans the duck fat to roast.
Olive oil?
But, nonetheless.
Took the trotters and hooves down for a mani and pedi, yesterday.
Something I'd usually never do.
Talk about under the influence.
I BYO'd my own colours, up-market, but originally bought as a nod to the sound fiscal sense of the home-mani and pedi.
Until, I read something from one of those French lovelies about the best mani in Paris, and next minute,
I was downtown Lutwyche, Brisbane. Asking the Salon if they had time for a walk-in.
Lovely thing, it turned out an ex-worker runs the salon. From days-gone-by.
In the middle of the pedi, he enquired, 'Did you work at the chalkface?'.
I really enjoy that sort of thing happening.
Here's some artistic license at the ready for the head frippery
of the Camellia Hat Salon.
This house model's much quieter these days, he's 87 years old.
These heady days are behind.

Might have to see the Salon set up outside, in this lovely weather.

Better get cracking on the dress-code.
Might wear a Flora-one-of-a-Kind.


Enjoy the day.

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