Thursday, 20 August 2015

Change: As Good as a Holiday

In case you were worried.
I am back.
And, thank you for asking.
I have been up to all sorts.
Sorry to go awol.
Not quite visiting the Queen in London, but
I had to take life by its horns and make a few changes.

I have re-booted my chalkface life.
Risen up against the tyranny of workload intensification
and found myself a lovely little alternative to my usual
schedule of relentless marking and maximum teaching load.
Life is good.
 I have time to notice the small things again.
That old adage is true; a change can be as good as a holiday.
There's a work-life balance now going on.
But, it did take some determination.
And careful planning.
I am still gainfully employed.
And loving what I do.
But have a bit more time for the important things.
Like cake-making.
Chocolate Mud.
Pear and Almond Tart.
Lime and syrup cake.

Time for pondering.
 Flower arranging.
The odd soiree.

Appreciating the little things.

Some feather flower-making.
Slowly fashioned.

 I've picked up a few more millinery techniques thanks to the Milliners' Convention
which was held in Brisbane this year.
I will show you more on that later.
I promise.
On a sad note.
 I am missing my little poodle companion terribly.
I can still imagine him walking around the House of Flora.
I keep googling unwanted poodles in my region.
This lovely portrait of Coco Chanel with hers by artist Marie Laurencin is one
of my favourites despite the melancholia.
 How's everything?
Making any changes?
Missing anyone?