Saturday, 30 March 2013

Get your Zen On

 To be honest, it was touch and go for the Tyeing and Dyeing Workshop at Northey Street Markets.
Last night's Good Friday Dinner went unexpectedly off schedule and I could
barely wake up today.

Those rabbits got to me.

 Plating the dessert proved challenging.
It was not up to my usual standard. Sorry.
This got in the way, too.
Weva Deva Anaheke certainly lived up to her reputation.
I'm hooked. It was every bit as inspiring as I imagined.
Glad I got out bed.
Annaheke sees craft as necessity and draws inspiration from
Indigenous traditions.
She was more than a good teacher.

The One-of-a-Kind Flora Frippery
would have seen me suitably attired.

Nature's got everything you need.
That Cat's Claw vine's a noxious weed around these parts
of the woods. So, you'll be doing everyone a favour
if you make a basket.
And banana's fruit only once, so dig out the old, let the new sucker come up
and make an eco-friendly basket.
You could weave all sorts of signature things in with the weft.

We traipsed off and found this herb specimen.
It's trunk unravelled like corflute.
Later to strip into straps.

Banana fibres hanging to dry.
The Cat's Claw in my paw.
Ribs in place.
This is Annaheke's inspired loveliness.
Mine's a work in progress.
My ribs kept dislodging and my weave arrangement
went skew-wif.
I've promised to complete it,
now I'm on holidays, I can concentrate on
what's important.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't have to look for my patience.
Annaheke's back on April 20th.
You are mad if you don't do the workshop.
It's good therapy and you take home a basket.

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  1. Fantastic, what an those baskets!! Am always interested in watching people make them and how fast they can do it sometimes, if I tried I'd make a mess. I hope your weekend was great & your new week will be too doll xx