Sunday, 24 March 2013

Holiday Modes

I'm thinking about the two week chalkface term break
every day this week. To stretch out the excitement.
Don't think I'm off to Paris.
I'm not, yet.
I'm holidaying in my own home,
with a couple of fixated friends, including the Dog of the Year.
You are welcome to visit.
Trotted off to the Guild today.
Sorry,  there's no photos.
I can't explain what happened, I just didn't take any, and there was all sorts of wonder
going on side during the Saturday stitching gathering.
Now, I regret it.
I spent time talking to lovely G.
I'm in my element, there's all sorts of conversation going
on about Charles Rennie MacIntosh, William Morris and Lady Evelyn's amazingly detailed needlework.
And, G also gifted me more of her 'clutter' as we call it.
Here's a taste. A piece of beaded lace, over twenty years old.
Thank you, G.
I going to take the Chanel handbag, but then decided against it. knowing
I had to walk quite a way through the edge of the city
from my free car park.
And, inside that bag was the Palestinian embroidery.
Made this for breakfast.

An Isogawa Akira inspired fleur.
Looks a bit Medieval.
It could be a match for what Akira would call a t shirt, including sequin wrists.
I took the Palestinian Make Do and Mend to the Guild for
a Show and Tell. Everyone loved it.
I felt pretty proud of the worker who made it.
I'm going to look up S, this week, she's since left the
chalkface and tell her that the curator of significant pieces
of textile artifacts for the Queensland Embroiderer's Guild, Joan Selnes 
could be interested in meeting her!
After yesterday's visit, we all decided that I should finish the final
frippery on the piece and then gift it back to her.

This is how G does business, she sends you a lovely Redoute card in
the mail with an invitation to join her at the Guild.
Is that not the most pleasant thing you can think of?

Don't think the holiday build up means pens down at the chalkface.
No siree.
We've maintained work mode.
Even in our lunchtimes, we acknowledged the Federal Government's Close the Gap campaign.
The campaign focuses on strategies to ultimately reduce the seventeen year gap
in mortality between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians,
and the flow-on effect of this gap.
Understanding how the physical and social environment shapes well-being and achievements.
The workers came over for fresh fruit, cold water and look at Oxfam's display.
If you are not onboard with Oxfam and you work at a chalkface, you need to be.
There's even a real person who picks up the phone if you ring them!

Stay aware.


  1. Loving all of your creations Flora .... stunning! Did you do the little pink camelia? Gorgeous! I also love the grey beaded lace... sounds wonderful going to the Guild! Wish I was in Bris!
    have a great Sunday afternoon

    1. Thank you, MA, that's a lovely comment. The Guild is astonishing, there's all sorts of amazing talent going on inside the doors on a Saturday afternoon at 149 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley! I did make the lurex and tweed camellia. Trying to give 'you know who' a run for his money! Xx

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  3. Gorgeous's nice to get a break even if it's in your own home!! Love Rennie Mackintosh and Morris, they are favourites :)) The beaded lace is stunning!! I hope you have a marvellous week doll xx