Sunday, 17 March 2013

Holy Trinity

 Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All.
How's your Holy Trinity?
Your three leaf clover?
Your green tinge?
Did you celebrate?

 Did you celebrate your Holy Trinity?
I did.
With some home entertainment.
A Dinner Party.
It was nice.
Out-did myself with this hand-made pastry + custard, chocolate and fresh raspberry torte.
And Mr Fascinata's Pol Roger.
The raspberries cost nearly a day's pay but it was worth it.
Had lovely company and was given a perfect score for the menu.
 And olive oil infused potatoes.
 There was pulled pork and bok-choy in the ring, too.
And this undeconstructed apple sauce.
Baked 'til tender.
Served a chunk with the pork.
But frankly, food's not really much chop when it's photographed.
Unless you are Marie Clare.
Thank you.

 The dinner party's a big gig.
Not for folk who can't forward think.
You have to find time to zhu-zhu up the place, too.
Remove any offending items, chip packets or lolly packets, empty wine bottles or
too many gossip magazines.
Clear the decks.
 You've got to stage the cooking in manageable steps.
Otherwise you look and act like some crazed contestant on one of those television shows,
 sweating in the kitchen and when you finally
come up for air, everyone's leaving.

 I finally wrestled this ceramic poodle vase from mum's clutches.
She had withheld it from me for all these years.
She got it for her 21st Birthday. I love it.
Mr Fascinata would describe its genre as nonsense.
 Did you know the symbolic colour for Saint Patrick's Day was blue?
I never.
It's a beautiful sky here.
Stay happy and gracious, I'll try.



  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time!! Gorgeous pictures. Love the little dog, my husband most likely would describe it the same!! But, it's precious. I hope you have a wonderful new week xx

    1. You would have been on the invite list had you not chosen to live so far away! ;)

  2. Looks like you had a great time. That's a gorgeous headpiece did you make it?


    1. Rox, I did make it. It would've complimented your look on the snow shoot you did last post! xx thanks for stopping by.