Friday, 29 March 2013

Food Fest

 Make sure you give up your diet this four day weekend.
Just when finishing off term papers and
ticking and flicking reports isn't enough
the chalkface holds its annual UN Day.
That's United Nations, people.
It's all about food and culture.
And, frankly I'd be lying if I said words can't describe
what begins to spring out of the wood-work around 6am on the day.
It's quite astonishing and a credit to the workers
in all shapes and sizes.

 The balsa wood Eiffel Tower made it in.

 Here's the churros station, with a snap of Education Queensland's crockery
complete with a coat-of-arms.
Probably collectors' items.

 The Koreans out-do themselves every year.

 French Flair, thanks L.

 Workers zhu-zhu'd themselves up selling juicy juices.
High demand there.
 French Flair workers darting to compete orders.
The Sow's Ear's in a state of disrepair, but it still managed to give us bouquet garni.
 Wild Cupcakes.

 Someone's foot attire.
I actually blame the chalkface for almost making
me into a shop-a-holic. It's the only uniform free government
chalkface in Queensland and there's all sorts
of good sartorial common sense going on.


 How's Easter looking?
I've sorted bunnies and lightly floured barramundi fish for
early dinner, today.
Got scallops and prosciutto on the go, too.
And rosti.
Looking forward to some good company.

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