Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Get your Warp and Weft on in a Parallel Universe

To be honest, if I wasn't saving up for a Chanel handbag
 I'd be applying for the job vacancy as Cafe Convener at the Chai Cafe
Not sure if the position's taken, but boy it sounds lovely.
Look at your surrounds.
Just loveliness.
Can you feel the wrinkles dropping off your face?
Yes, same.
Northey Street get up to all sorts of things.
This Saturday, I am meeting the magic of Weva Deva.
Who reinvigorates forgotten skills, such as weaving.
I'm in, get onboard, I'll bring lunch for you.
30th March: 9am – 12pm

Tyeing and Dyeing Natural Fibres for Weaving

In this workshop you will learn how to dye your harvested and prepared natural fibres using common household herbs and spices. Come along and play with natural colours that will add vibrancy and flair to your basketry art.
Cost: $50, $35 (conc)
Enquiries, Bookings and Payment

30th March: 1pm – 4pm

Melon Basket

Come and learn the WARP AND WEFT weave, a very traditional technique that has been used for thousands of years by people of all cultures. Come and see for yourself the magic of turning natural fibres into your own unique and woven vessel to take home.
Cost: $50, $35 (conc)
Enquiries, Bookings and Payment
 I'm bringing my indigo leaves, a gift from Korean National Treasure Artist, Ok-Ja Choi.
Here's Ok-Ja's pure silk, hand-crafted corsages, indigo dyed.
 Here's House Model E.L wearing an Ok-Ja hand-woven
pure silk scarf. I know.
And a bit of Flora's frippery around her neck.
 If I can get the indigo going, I can get off synthetic dyes.
Love this blue, but indigo's better. 

 I'll take the safflower stamens a gift from Ok-Ja, too.
Between indigo and safflower you can make any hue.
It's all about pH and how long the dye sits.
Hope it's not too technical.
Any plans for Easter, just taking it easy?

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  1. This place sounds amazing, I would love to work there too :))) I'd forget I was at work really. And I adore the dog with one of your creations on too, this is precious, made me smile :)) I knew you'd love my post today, I had thought of you when I was writing it up, am pleased you did enjoy it. I hope your having a gorgeous week so far doll xx