Tuesday, 5 March 2013

International Women

 Have you got any plans for International Women's Day, this Friday?
We'll give it a good going over at the chalkface.
The Queensland Government theme this year is
Making Connections, with a focus on gender equity and representation in employment sectors.
There'll be very little frippery, apart from the cakes I am making.
 I'll be doing the lunch catering,
with workers in tow.

 You can see rest of this installation at the APT7 at the Gallery of Modern Art.
It's Zhou Tiehai's Le juge 2006-08,
there's 150 paintings in this one installation alone, including French desserts.

 We're baking cupcakes and biscuits for IWD 2013,
and something more sustainable to eat, too.
Remember those cutter things I told you about?
Get some.
 They can  make you look pretty good.
 We'll poke these over gluten-free vanilla cakes.

 Here's the chalkface's food colouring collection.
I have to keep it under lock and key after someone tried to
dye their beef curry blue, back in the day.
Wish I was joking.
 I was shocked to see this rose bouquet in a workers' staffroom.
Home-grown. Casually flung in a vase on the table.
Brought back some memories of gardens
from days gone by around the House of Flora.
Now diminished.
 Got loaned this book to 'read'.

 How's the plans for Easter going?
Too early to broach?
I'm glad I saved this old Lindt tin from a few years' back.
I'll stuff it full of those tiny Lindt bunnies.
Might gift it and ask for the tin back.
 Finally finished the red and black vinyl number.
I am hoping it equates to a Queensland Winter Racing number.
With the materials it's crafted from.
The veil's covered with hand-cut wool felt.
I know.
 Need to get my niece around to act as a poupee.
I'll get on to it.
Started working with some bugle beaded, seed beaded and sequin floral lace.
A bit of shaping.
 I'll see where it takes me.


  1. The second picture is wonderful. I hope you have a great day doll & weekend too. I am getting better, still resting indeed & taking it easy. The weather got colder again here, so that was annoying after it was sunny, but I was ill, haha. Typical!! Have a great one!! xx

  2. Love it!!