Tuesday, 19 March 2013

People, I'm Busy

People, it's been busy. It's the second last week
before the chalkface shuts for a two week holiday.

There's very little time for frippery.
I'll be sifting through this mountain.
Don't expect anything sometime soon.
I won't be dyeing or artfully arranging anything.
This will remain a day-dream. 
On the upside, I get to trot out the Amnesty quilt
for a chalkface working bee during the last week. Nice.
If you are paying attention, you'll know it's
been around five years now.
All hand-sewn.

Can't believe I am back on board making these again for a workers' 'do.
Wild Cupcakes.
Have to get them moving.
The mood boards for Calico Capers need finalising.


 Fashion Illustrations finished.

 Calico Capers wearable art sorted.




Stay organised, break-it-down step by step.
Scaffold the scaffold.

How's Easter looking?
Too early to think about?

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