Saturday, 9 March 2013

For A Cause

 Our IWD function at the chalkface went well.
Although, at the last minute, 9 extras were attending and
I had to SCAMPER the lunch menu to make it fit.
You should know the rest by now.
 All workers did us proud.
The seniors MC'd.
And provided all sorts of Arts entertainment, too.
Check out the spoken word prose, Point B by Sarah Kay, if you are inclined.
I'd not heard of her; it never ceases to amaze me
that I learn so much from those workers.
 Can you believe one of the supporters just 'turned up' with
these artfully cut ribbon sandwiches.
I really like it when peops just 'do things', without you need help?
I have to say, I find engineering this standard of sandwich too hard.
Mine always fall apart.
Subsequently I don't make them.
I was relieved to see them.
 I went all out with the vegetarian stacks.
Because, as you'd know the vegetarians often 'miss out'.
This is the before baking shot.
Lots of greens.
 Those gluten-free lovelies.
 Simple setting made out of sow's ears.
R's lovely flowers from a rain ravaged garden
and K's papercraft here and there.
 More of the centre-pieces.
70s parfait glasses not vases under those fleurs.
Not enough vases, had to improvise.
 R's blush pink shabby rose was in one centre-piece.
Isn't it lovely?
 We heard from our Keynote speaker, S, who worked for International Aid in Africa.
One of S's challenges was to work out how allocate funding across the nation's
social, cultural and economic issues.
The topics were sobering, violence against women, lack of educational opportunity, effects of war,
child-care and socio-economic barriers.
Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard (left) dropped in, too.
As did our Governor General, Ms Quentin Bryce.
It was lovely to be reminded by our chalkface Librarian that Her Excellency sent her
daughter Chloe to study at our chalkface.
A strong faith in Public Education.
Three cheers!
And that Her Excellency was a member of our chalkface's Parents and Citizens' Association.
 They were our virtual guests via Youtube and we enjoyed hearing their words.
Everyone's on the band-wagon.

 Karl's done a skectch for Harper's Bazaar, Australia's edition.
I can't resist his work.
I love his scrawly feathery hand.
I had to break my magazine buying ban since the inception of the Ipad.
 Here's one of the Calico Capers mood boards.
 And the creative evidence that we are making progress.

 E's bodice.
Very red carpet.
 I was wondering if Mr Fascinata would remember it
was International Women's Day.
He did with these roses.
Yellow meaning jealousy.

 What's on for the weekend?
I'll be learning this like all get-go.
So I don't look like too much of a nonsense when
I get to Auslan classes this week.
 Weather can't make up its mind.
It'll be a good day for focus.

 Well done to all those workers
who brought IWD to their chalkfaces or other
and who listened to stories of women and their lives
around the world, and who try to make a difference.
Happy Saturday.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Your gluten free foods (and ALL the green!) looks delicious. This looks like a fun event and the flower photographs are so pretty!

    Have a nice weekend!