Monday, 12 November 2012

Clocking in at Snail's Pace

This was our room view from the Westin Hotel in Sydney. Last weekend.
Enjoyed a bit of snail's pace and Karl's Little Black Jacket Exhibition.
And, a bit of chiming between 9am and pm. Otherwise, all good.
Should've known by the room's artwork!
Before I pulled the curtains.
Fixated on the GPO's clock.
If you are still feeling vexed about Karl's nonsense with
Brad Pitt, you might want to try to get along to his Little Black Jacket Exhibition.
Somewhere in the world.
Forget Sydney, it's bumped out.
The Show's a kind gesture.
It's free and you get these huge posters of four of the images.
How nice of Karl, truly.
Don't think that's Coco greeting the visitors, it's Carine Rotfield.
Cheeky Karl.
And Anna Wintour's back and bob.
And necklaces.
After the Show, we sat by the Harbour
and I became truly grateful for my pink Champagne and
the fact that instead I could've been flying by
the seat of my pants, wearing a water-proof polyester cape, across the water,
alla those jetboat nightmares.
It's all about fate isn't it?
It's a fine line.
I'm going to go all out with the Little Black Jacket theme.
I loved the black and white pixelated images.
Won't hear a bad work said.
Might do a run on, one Flora-One-of-a-Kind in 120 different looks.
Food for thought.
Must start styling.
 Hooray too, to the Australian Federal Government who announced
tonight they are finally staging a Royal Commission into Child Abuse.
Thank you, Julia Gillard.
About time.


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