Saturday, 3 November 2012

Makes an Effort

This is the effort my friend Starr went to for her Tupperware'd guests
catering cocktail themed 'do.
The event progressed swiftly, I think she had warned lovely Aimee, our consultant
that we wouldn't be recapping our favourite Tupperware moment or playing any memory games.
So we listened, ordered things we didn't really need and ate, laughed and shared some fun.
Nice. How it should be.
Anyone who says, "No I won't come to your Party, because I don't need Tupperware", is really missing the point, I say!
Mind you, I think the hostess with the mostess had a bit of help from lovely H,
who makes the most divine quality cakes ever.
Let me know if you want to order cakes iced or other for the silly season ahead of us.
Starr also has her one-woman Show coming up, this Friday.
Don't worry, you get to see it.
The invite's below. Hello, Flora!
Back whenever, I bought Starr this Limited Edition Phillip Starck Ghost Pink Louie Chair.
I saw it the other night at her Tupperware soiree.
Pride of Place, in the entrance.
Talk about susceptible. One minute I'm reading Vogue Living, the next minute I am
phoning all-over-Australia trying to track the said Limited Edition.
I like how, she and I both have chairs that no-one-is-allowed-to-sit-on.
Makes sense.
I didn't wear this Flora-One-of-a-Kind to the Tupperware Party.
It was still at Starr's, after the Alice in Wonderland Party.
Mr Fascinata and I had a few pink Champagnes and he warned me
seriously that, the headpiece might attract the wrong attention on our walk home.
Point taken.
Do you volunteer for any organisations?
I do, and I quite like it.
I'm just back from the Orchid Species Society gig on Mt Coot-tha.
What a great bunch of enthusiasts.
Try this slipper orchid on for size.
This spray reminded me of eggs.
Cracked and fried.

Everything you need to throw at orchids to make them bloom was there, too.
And plenty of sage advice on hand from the experts.
So willing to share their experiences.
Remember, they won't bloom for the faint-hearted.
You'll need passion, people.
Here's my forte.
Plating sandwiches, for the masses.

Caught up too, with some of Tricia Smout's lovely work.
Her Arachnid Web Artistry. A collaboration.
In and around the gardens, on Mt Coot-tha.
Just across the way, from the Orchid's Auditorium.
And I'll share more with you, soon.
Let me know if you need some ideas to start to do some volunteering.
I'm full of them.
And, quite like a bit of an effort.



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