Saturday, 17 November 2012

Slow and Stormy

This innocent bit of grey coverage has just given Brisbane a cracker of a storm.
Thank goodness my wisdom toothache saw me out of bed early and ahead of myself
with the chores, by the time it struck, late morning.
I was  back home, with niece in tow doing the usual household realm.
It's been a nice week.
Mr Fascinata presented me with these Native Australian wildflowers.
And, the only fallout from the Melbourne Cup day of Celebration was
having to talk him out of drinking this on the Tuesday night of the race.
Here he is wearing his Flora-One-of-a-Kind Smart Pin.
Brandishing a bottle of Dom's nonsense.
A favourite colleague gave me these.
I was in a quandary as to whether or not to cut some floras from my hydrangeas
but then in a moment of decisiveness I hacked into the branches
and made an arrangement.
In-situ, beside two years' Easter Lindt bunnies
Anyone who reads this blog knows I am okay
with discerning hoarding.
Looking at those bunnies everyday fills me with a simple joy.
Regrettably, I'm not on schedule with the Guild's Craft Fair, this weekend.
November 25, from 8am.
I've been a different animal, since the toothache.
Will have to get cracking.
I've been slow to uptake.
Lots of lovelies to finish off.
Will have to plan an outfit.
The Guild appreciate good presentation.
In fact, when I met lovely G, she complimented me
on my presentation.
Found this before shot of Mr Fascinata's garden
before I moved in.
Here's the now.
The geriatric loves it, too.
It's a happy marriage between artificial smart turf and organic vegetables.
Is is weird that I really like those spam comments?
My include all sorts of complimentary notes like:
your blog is so valuable...
and a great service...
it is an excellent presentation...
I admire your writting (sic) skills...
I am tempted to publish.
Meant to say, too, Starr's Show was a sell-out.
Don't try and buy the Perrier Jouet Nature Morte, it's gone.
To a good home, sadly not mine.
And, hopefully my tooth's ache will be over in a short while
and I'll get to go out in my Topshop all-over diamanted skirt!


  1. Love the bit of art on the jacket.
    Keeping that in mind for the Tasmanian nuptials this jan (no not mine!)

  2. Thank you tmg, it can be referred to a smart pin or smart prick. Whichever applies, in your case it'll be a smart pin. Xxx