Friday, 12 October 2012

Earthy Tones

It's blowing a gale here in Brisbane, Queensland at the minute.
And snowing in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.
Unheard of.
I made an executive decision not to go to Boot Camp, least a wayward tree branch blew
on top of me, as a great deal of the 45 minutes of incarceration involves me lying on my back
and jerking upwards towards the heavens.
You know what I mean:
Frog Sits, Sit Ups and Knee Crunches.
Can't stop thinking about the magic of Australia's Indigenous Dance Company Bangarra.
Chuffed to hear too, that one of the dancers, Ella Havelka
is now on her way to dance for Australia Ballet.
The first Indigenous dancer ever for that company.
They should be so lucky.
Here's some neutral Flora-One-of-a-Kinds that
remind me of the colours of Bangarra's Terrain performance.
Hand-crafted, dyed and shaped into loveliness.

What's on the cards for the weekend?
I'll be doing the usual. A zhu-zhu of the household.
A bit of work for the chalkface. Gratis.
And some time to relax and work on some
Floras for the Embroiderer's Guild's Xmas Craft Fair, 25th November from 8am - 12 noon.
149 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
Get in early, people. You have been warned.

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