Friday, 26 October 2012

Good Week

It's been a good week. The chalkface ran smoothly.
Thanks to all involved.
The junior workers did an outstanding job with their mis-en-place
for their eenie weenie individual vegetable flans.
Sliced, diced and mirepoix'd.
To be honest, I was so chuffed I photographed it!
And believe me, the workers have no time for any extraneous frippery.
I had to work quickly to get this shot.
Our third generation family possum made an appearance, at the House of Flora.
If you've read me earlier, you'll know that I am quite partial to their furry souls.
Look, let's face it, they were here first.

My hydrangeas are blooming marvellous.
Thank goodness, I had the sense to conjure up a back up plan to surpass
the rose and orchid failure to make floral progress.
Lucky, I know.
Lovely L, a member of the chalkface
did as she was told and did a quick shoot for Flora.
Showcasing Hello Kitty.
L always exhibits a a beautiful 'do on a daily basis.
Thank you, L.
Here's Hello Kitty, on a poupee.
And, let's face it, no comparison to L's loveliness.
Looking forward to tomorrow, when this saddle-back timber chair
should be the site for an exciting Flora-One-of-a-Kind fashion shoot!
Enjoy your Saturday.
Let me know, if you'd like any of these lovely Floras for any
special events on your calendar.

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