Monday, 1 October 2012

Party Post and Creatives

Had a lovely time at Starr's birthday soiree for Mad Hatters, only.
As her sweet grandmother would have commented, it was full of creatives.
Artists, photographers,cake-makers,cosmeticians, stylists and musicians in the mix.
Was going to wear my homage to Maison Michel,
but then my inner voices told me to fore go the ears...
Lucky I did because I would have had strict competition
from the likes of other guests, see the front left.
And this, forward right.
Glad I stood out in this Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
The gift de jour would certainly be this,
a circa 1891 edition of Lewis Carroll's
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
stored safely in a bespoke box, lined with white satin.
From Starr's lovely, N.
Another highlight of the jour, was surely Haidee's
 amazing sugar fondant
Alice Cake!
Red velvet and chocolate
with all sorts of Alice frippery and mayhem adorning.
Haidee's taking orders if you want one, too.
Or, indeed, your own fripperied version.
Whatever knocks you out.
Here's Starr looking suitably chuffed.
We got to snoop around the studio, too.
I spied Flora in Paris, circa 2010.
Among others.
Sweet R drove 200 kilometres round trip for the event.
Here she is on departure.
Anyone who makes that much of an effort gets my vote.
Thanks Starr, we enjoyed the pARTy.

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