Saturday, 29 September 2012

This is Nice

A while back my artist friend Starr, popped over to do a shoot for
her forthcoming Exhibition, entitled I Love Paris.
It's here, if you are inclined to pop in.

She shot all sorts of scenes.
To turn into to her expressive and colourful pieces.
Here we are, rubbing shoulders with the who's is who at another Show of hers.
It was fun to see her work her one-woman-show.
Anyone who can do this, gets my vote.
Then, last night to my surprise,
this popped up in the three-year-old Blackberry's inbox.
Flora for sale, skipping with gay abandon, down a one way street in Paris.
Winter 2010.
Seriously, the winter o' my dreams.
Mr Fascinata will know where.
Must ask, again.
Love how the no-entry sign is now a love heart.
Remember the photo?
Thank you, lovelies.
Can't wait to see the Show.


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