Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mad Hatta

Fashioned up this frippery for a forthcoming
MaD HatteRs pArTy.
Hosted by my friend, S.
I am always grateful for anyone who declares a theme and then swings
open their doors and invites others.
Here's Flora's One-of-a-Kind
A Queen of Hearts. Glittered.
And, Bowed.
This thing's definitely getting a run.
On the invite list.
Better garnish my own crown with this.
My nod to Queensland Ballet's version of Alice in Wonderland.
A while back.
Wear these?
Kusama's lovely dotties pumps.
To match S's tea-set.
Or this.
Louise Gray for Topshop.

Wondering if I should whip up a batch of these?
This could fit, too.
These are definitely through the looking glass.
The tea sets will be out for sure.
Here's part of  my friend S2's, Herend china collection, as below.
It's gorgeous. She's a kindred spirit.
Just like the aforementioned, S.
And more, as below.
My old cabinet of curiosities, as below, has S2's name on it,
if indeed it needs disposal.
It narrowly survived Mr Fascinata's blue dot campaign - ie. show cause - or cull treatment.
He even included his own Delft dowry in the cull assessment.
This 'do could match the theme.
Might be hard to hold in place.
Queen of Hearts? Anyone?
Or, Flora?
I love the chalkface's term break, I've got time to
think about important things.
I found this old photo of the workers back-in-the-day.
Establishing the Sow's Ear.
Driving shovels into the parched earth.
It would be fair to say that I have put them through a bit.
Thank you, workers.
Look at us now.

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