Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pre-holiday Frippery

The chalkface's colleagues are going every which way but loose for holidays.
The term break's in about one week's time.
I've fashioned this One-of-a-Kind Flora for M.
Who'll be swinging out around Lake Eyre, South Australia, for
her term break.
Maybe she'll wear it?
Apologies for the dog-hair covered sweat shirt, but this stuff
 doesn't seem to be doing its trick and I'm wrecked.
2 x tablets daily + apple cider vinegar quickly swigged in a large glass of water.
What's your tonic?
Hopefully the term break's the tonic I'll need.
Can't wait to:
Get amongst the bamboo.
Thank goodness my Olde World Gardens cherub was bypassed when Mr Fascinata
used the high pressure hose to clean this week.
A patina means different things to different people.
Spend quality time in Flora's studio. Fashioning frippery.

And, tidy up this abomination.
A.k.a Flora's studio.
Might revision the vision board.
Give the cat the attention she deserves.
Make some lovelies out of G's lace.
And Floras for the Guild's Xmas Craft Fair, 25 November.
Show some fiscal restraint and avoid racing off to buy this:
Or those Kusamas' dotties.
And seek life's free pleasure in lieu.
Might showcase some crockery in surprising assemblages of object d'art.
Just because I can.
Get some of this into circulation, and out of the cupboard.
Same principle applies to any Floras, that qualify for Vogue living.
Photographed in the home decor.
Don't worry, I've got enough to keep me gainfully employed 'till then.
It's head down.
I've got to call in the Senior workers' Make Do and Mend project.
I can't wait to see it all.
Here's one outcome, make do and re-purpose existing clothing.
A marriage beween a business shirt and a sun-dress pattern.
Minimise land-fill.
I'll also trot out the Amnesty patchwork quilt project.
Five years of hand-stitching.
Close to one-hunderd workers on the job.
We'll get a few hexagons done before we say, bye.



  1. hi flora , i have been also trying the apple cider and while i am sure it have many wonderful properties its sure hard to swallow !!!!!! lol

  2. My bottle says to mix it with luke warm water! What on earth!? Xx