Saturday, 8 September 2012

Busy Week

It's been quite a busy week.
Our first wedding anniversary paper gift arrived in the mail
from the Bears, a.k.a my parents.
The Epoch Times.
35 Countries, 19 Languages
A weekly rag devoted to integrity and truth in reporting.
Close to Dad's favourite read.
This Times remain a devotee of integrity and truth
initially born to replace the void that was truthful news coverage of
events in China.
My lovely Chagall stained glass window inspired necklaces (and surprise bracelet!)
 arrived from
I've had no time for frippery.
Vogue's even been on the back burner.
Not a look in for these:
Or this.
As pre-planned, I've recovered the dining room chairs.
A no-nonsense approach.
Staple-gun, Marilyn and Grace tapestry, right over the top of the old
past-its-use-by upholstery fabric.
The tip is, invest in a decent staple-gun, it's not the
sort of job you want to give up half-way.
Mind you, I haven't screwed the pads back on the chairs, yet.
I just warned Mr Fascinata to sit down slowly, squarely and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.
 I've checked out the Masterpieces at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
From the Prado in Madrid, Spain.
Chuffed to see a Flora got a look-in.
And I found this in the Gallery Gift Store.
Koons' balloon dog money box glory.
Mr Fascinata has noted there's not
really room for many coins.
It's an objet d'art, I noted back.
Found this too, a catalogue of culturally significant Asia-Pacific textiles at the Queensland Art Gallery,
 the basis of the next unit for the Senior Workers.
 I've had another crisis with these:
This time sun-struck in all their fake orchid frippery.
Don't think I can be trusted with them anymore.
Unlike my friend S, who says she doesn't know
how or why her orchid blooms like this every year.
I've enjoyed my last Happy Hour,
due to the eight week Boot Camp challenge.
Starting today, at 6.30am,
for a fitness assessment.
If you are thinking right now, boy Mr Fascinata's Frenchie has white teeth,
Mr Fascinata gives them a gentle polish with a tooth-brush on a regular basis.
There'll be less of this.
I'll have to fill the void.


  1. You are a doll to post the neclaces, I love them both together, very Anna Wintour!! Love the photo of the doggy! xxx

  2. I love the crystals, I had to tell Mr Fascinata one would be a gift and he said not to give it away! ;) the reverse psychology worked!