Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How's your Rainbow?

If you are not thinking about a racing season fascinator
in a myriad of the new seasons brights.
You're mad.
Same applies if you are not cooking up a rainbow, most nights.
That's my niece E.L fashioning a flora for me.
Don't underestimate E.L., don't let that flora deceive you.
Her career dream is to drive heavy machinery in mines!
She's a reluctant uber-model.
How's your rainbow?
Here's mine.
Cost effective, one-pot wonder of brights.
Go 5 x 1/2 cup serves of the recommended daily allowance of vegetables
Phyto-chemical wonders.
A food selection exemplar.
Here's lovely textile and fibre artist, Tricia Smout.
In her rainbow wrap.
She's still working towards her
collaborations on Mt Coot-tha.
Here's some of the workers' A-I-R mail Nature themed
ready to post envelopes, for one of Tricia's collaborations.
It's not too late if you fancy decorating an envelope for Tricia.

Enjoyed doing lots of walks of late.
This pair love it.
Wasn't ever going to show you this, but after my e-friend B confessed
to buying a radio for her budgie,
there's nothing wrong with an
87 year-old-poodle in a baby sling.
The walks are difficult with his vision impairment.
Here's a spring sunset.
Get excited people, the Guild is up and running for
it's Xmas Craft Fair.
It's the 25th November.
Get in early! Right when doors open.
Not sure about the word Xmas, but that's how it was on the forms.
And Flora's been invited to have a stall.
Thank you, Guild. 
Here's Anne's lovelies. 
And amazingly talented, Devi's. 
Can't wait to fill these with a rainbow of fleurs.
And, did you do your homework?
Did you get to Northey Street?
Start your own backyard rainbow.

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