Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Apple and the Tree

Here's me fashioning a One-of-a-Kind Flora pure cotton Donna Karan sourced fabric corsage.
Shot using the bloggers' botox photographic technique.
I bought the fabric from The Fabric Store, Newstead, Brisbane.
Where most fabrics have their provenance annotated on the swing tags,
providing they were sourced from some
swanky designers' end-of-season cast-offs.
I like it.
Did a road trip up to the coast to see the Bears, a.k.a the parents,
and in-laws for Mr Fascinata, 'specially for
Fathers' Day.
Had at trip down memory lane.
Reminiscing about the time Mum made
a succulent ball.
After following instructions, emailed by my sister.
I must say, I wasn't unhappy with her succulent frippery.
I experienced succulent envy.
Had a poke around the her succulent collection, amassed over the years
and took a few pups home to strike.
This succulent ball making could be right-up -my-alley.
I think I'm ready.
I'll try and zhu-zhu up this disappointment, first.
I've got lofty ambitions because I've seen this on the 'net.
Never mind a succulent ball.
Try this.
A succulent horse.
A succulent turtle.
Sky's the limit.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Did yours?
The Spring weather's been absolutely divine 'round here.
These fleur stocks are old news, I know.
Can't wait to get some flowers in the vases.
Big news. We will be celebrating the 1st Wedding Anniversary, this week.
It's paper.
Might fashion a few paper Floras.
And lucky, we are going here, Montrachet's French restaurant extraordinaire to mark the event.
Have a happy start to the week.
Hope Spring gets into your step.

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