Friday, 28 September 2012

Pretty in Pink

Here's some great pink moments in the House of Flora and about.
 Spot tulle One-of-a-Kind, fashioned on my niece, K.
 Brisbane's camellias, showcased at Chanel
Who would have thought?
 More loveliness at Chanel.
Everlasting daisy chain, re-purposed to garnish the Frenchie.
Don't panic, his eyes are always like that. 
Dyed, formed and frayed. 
A rose from days gone by.
From Flora's Stop and Smell the Roses, now almost non-existent roses. 
Buttonhole stitch pin cushion.
Made by a Guild member.
The Guild's pretty in pink.
Mr Fascinata's GM modified corn syrup iced birthday cake triumph! 
Tweed, wool flannel and silk corsages. 
 The 87 year-old-house model.
Much more obliging since becoming deaf and blind.
Visitors to the House of Flora would attest.
Imagine these stilettos in the 'drobe.
On the hooves.
Probably could glue-gun up your own?
Just thinking. 
 Monet's water lily at Giverny, honestly, if you get there, just
aim and shoot, your shots can't fail.
It's all about the light. Apparently.
 Flora's silk and cotton camellia.
My Flora business card artwork,
that I have lost somewhere on the computer.
And finally, for the ultimate in pink frippery and nonsense,
I give you S, a while back.
Celebrating her birthday 'do
with a cake from the House of Flora.
A Barbie and a camellia.
Happy Birthday, soon S.

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