Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dear Vogue

Dear Vogue Australia
I am vexed.

Arguably, I could be one of your most ardent fans. And loyal and flexible.
As these carefully hoarded towers suggest.
I have welcomed new editors, font styles and changed dimensions
lovingly and without exclusion
until now.
But, Vogue, as a subscriber I am having issues coming to terms
with the fact that my covers are different to others?
Why Vogue?
Please note, as follows:
September 2012
Subscribers' cover:
Non-subscribers' edition as below:
It stopped me in my tracks at the Newsagent. To be honest, I felt miffed.
I am more interested in the fashion, fabrics and styling than
gazing at a photo-shopped face that you've made to look like a 'tween's!
 Now let's go to October:
Subscribers' cover:
Non subscribers:
Where's the love for the that stunning neckpiece on a black-and-white cover?
I am missing out.
 And now the threat of this, looming large for November 2012.
Giddy up, alright!
Yes, apparently its Black Caviar! Racing legend, reports the Melbourne Herald newspaper.
But which end of the equine legend will the subscribers get?
I'm worried.
Good luck to you if you knocked yourself out with this
world class legend.
But Vogue?
I want my Vogues to endorse this:
Or this:
Or this.
On another note, my sixteen-year-old five leaf Calla lily
is showcasing its annual bloom.
It's lovely.
The plant came from my grandmother's beach house back in the day.
It's almost bon-sai'd in the pot,
because I am too scared to transplant,
in case I kill it with kindness.
It's two weeks 'til term break.
I've started day-dreaming about how I can use lovely G's lace and what confections and fripperies
it will conjure.
As usual the workers have come to the party and given me this,
in case I am not busy enough.
Lace, lovelies.

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