Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pretty Lucky

This lovely Flora-one-of-a-Kind now resides in Paris.
Yes, that's right. Imagine my surprise when I was running a little Flora pop up shoppe
at a Christmas market and a lovely stepped out of the crowd and purchased
this blush rose.
I had to contain my excitement;
refraining from acting too much like
a pork chop.
Wonder what it's doing, right now?
This sale had a lovely story too,
the customer explained to me as she bought the frippery, that she and her boyfriend
had a serious talk about money and fiscal constraints
and she had promised, 'no more
fascinators or hats.'
My fascinator soul-mate must have bought this,
imagine my surprise when it sold,
an amalgamation of nests, twigs, berries and roses.
And glitter.
I could imagine it worn in a Midsummer Night's Dream.
Or maybe this one.
I've had a couple of sick days away from the chalkface this last week.
The workers have not been their usual exemplary selves.
Came back to find the magnetic shelf labels for the class library collection
in absentia, my beaded strawberry scissors chatelaine decapitated from
my embroidery scissors and graffiti carved on a desk!
Might have been the Blue moon?
I'll have the old workers back now, please.
On a positive note, more edible green is going into the Sow's Ear
on Friday.
We've got a bush tucker collection, too.
Towards the end of the year we'll do some research
into Indigenous Australia's diet and cooking techniques and implements.
There's a white strawberry in there.
Who knew there's such a thing as a 'white strawberry'?
I had no idea.
Meanwhile, can I say I was less-than-impressed to see
supermarket giant Coles selling strawberries for
4 punnets for $5!
Wondering, who's missing out?
Don't like it, Coles, seriously happy to pay more.
Can anyone enlighten me?
Montrachet was lovely the other night.
If our French bulldog was allowed in,
here's what he might look like
over a cassoulet.
Of course, his date would wear a Flora-one-of-a-Kind.
Have you ever lost contact with someone
and then been so grateful they'll
have you back?
That's me at the minute, yes sir-ee.
Thank you, A.
It was truly lovely to see you today!
Speaking of grateful, there'll be less of this in the coming eight weeks,
the baking binges will have to come to-an-end.
Flora's on an mission and has upped the ante
with a fitness challenge.
Excited and sad at the same time.
Apparently exercise is only 20% of the equation.
I blame my innumeracy issues for not understanding '
this earlier.
Still reminiscing about being on holidays.
Here's some frippery and excess at the Paris Mosque.
It was certainly beautiful, even in Winter.
Here's Mr Fascinata doing his best to look pensive, as per my strict instruction.
under Rodin's The Thinker.
Mr Fascinata loves the Musee de Rodin.
He especially loves Rodin's Gates of Hell sculpture.
I prefer something a little less intense.
Get those vases filled with Spring's fleurs any way you can.

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