Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stewart MacFarlane and Tupperware

I don't like short-changing anyone in the social sense.
But I had to forego a Tupperware party this weekend to trot off to
Australian artist, Stewart MacFarlane's book launch at
the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.
 Here's Stewart reading from his book.
That was a good part of the proceedings.
Here's the flowers I had bought for J, the hostess of
the Tupperware soiree. Sorry, J.
And, here's a an up-to-the-minute look inside my containers' cupboard.
Mr Fascinata often yells out for a container.
To be honest, I have no idea where they have gotten to.
Compounded by the fact that a recent loan of two large storage
units was punctuated with, 'What containers?' from the borrower.
I'll have to tell him that I did place that order in absentia.
Had time for a quick coffee with S.
MacFarlane's work is rife with all sorts of frippery and shenanigans.
You can make up your own meaning.
You'll get a tick for whatever you say.
Create your own story.
It's not everyone's cup-of-tea.

And, one of the House of Flora's house mannequins S, is actually one of
MacFarelane's muses and now immortalised in the text.
Here she is, as above, resting on a yellow sheet.
Here she is modelling a One-of-a-Kind Flora.
Of course, she's been hanging around many well-dressed walls for a bit.
Here's one of MacFarlane's takes on an attractive pair of patents.
I wouldn't be surprised if these are S's stilettos.
She's a stalwart for a stiletto.
Here's her hooves yesterday, tricked up in a pair of hot-pink fluoro sandals.
Bought last year, in anticipation of now's fluoro avalanche.

Wonder where she's going to? Or, leaving from?
Thank S, it was an exciting launch.

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  1. was a wonderful time flora !!!!!!!! thanks for the great company and love your photos x