Sunday, 23 September 2012

Catching Up

If you've been paying attention you'll know that I'm chuffed that I no longer spend a fortune on
my hair each month.
Maybe I'll go the full circle and go back, maybe I won't.
But this $8.95 trim is proving to be a bit of a challenge.
Is it possible that I could be on a National Registry for those who don't spend a fortune on hair-cuts?
And now identified as a 'suggestive sell mandatory'.
I had the most unfortunate experience at a chain store type salon this week.
Short for time, I popped in and asked, if it was okay to trim the bangs.
Sure, was the response.
Sit down, here.
Thank you, I replied.
Suddenly the tone changed.
The lovely then remarked that I had 'a lot of product in my hair', and she'd have to wash it first.
Terrified, No, I'm short of time, and it's only a bit of spray, I begged.
She then went on to say, she wouldn't cut, as it would damage her scissors!
I mean really, I swear I didn't look like this:
Like Demi's attention seeking-do in '09.
A suggestive sell more like it.
Then the stand-off began.
Flora, in the chair, height adjusted, wearing the cape.
Fringe combed and wetted.
No wash: no trim was the message.
I then had to take control.
Pull rank.
I sized her up in the mirror, made direct eye-contact and said,
With pause and pace in its rightful place.
Okay, she said, I'll get my old scissors and don't be surprised if
it's crooked.
People, I kid you not.
On a happy note, the chalkface has closed its doors for two weeks.
Got through this:
A Mid-summer Night's Dream with junior workers.
A mountain of grading creative energies.
A zhu-zhu for the Sow's Ear.
Now growing cucumbers, sweet peas and tangerines.
Trotted out the hand-stitched patchwork quilt project.

And received a strict shopping list, from the junior workers, dictating
exactly the colours we'll need to finish it.
Less floral.
Left these two in the capable hands of my niece, K.
Was lucky enough to choof off up to Noosa, Sunshine Coast Queensland.
Packed a few mu-mu's and Flora-One-of-a-Kinds.
Two  lovely days.
Sorry, if you missed me.
Bit of rain on arrival.
Luckily we had sustenance.
My Fascinata sprang this out of the wood-work.
Yes, Chanel Noir.
Too special.
Don't expect any tanned and outdoorsy shots of yours truly.
Frankly, I've tried to get my head around cavorting
on the beach semi-clad, but just can't seem to get it right.
The shade's the go for moi.
Looking forward to a bit of this,
catching up with the turf.
And boules, the Frenchie exhibits stealth and self-control at all times.
Carefully micro-managing the game.
The artificial turf is still the go, I won't hear a bad word said.
And this,
Fashioning a bit of frippery.
Have you put the Guild's Xmas Craft Fair on your calendar.
November 25th doors open at 8am.
Be there on the dot, I'm telling you.

Enjoy yourselves, lovelies.


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