Monday, 3 September 2012

Flora's Fit for Paris

This time last year I was flitting off to Paris et al.
Lucky, alright.
This is me in Paris, not then, but in the Winter of 2010.
I love Paris' take on greige.
And how there's always something striking, somewhere.
From what I can gather, these Flora-one-of-a-Kinds
would be quite at home in Paris.
Paris has every answer.
Never enough frippery. For sure.
Took the JL poodle minaudiere to the Paris Opera Garnier.
Excessive baggage, alright.
On New Year's Eve. Exceptional. Three ballets from the Paris Opera company,
including Brown and Bausch.
Too much, is never enough.
Had this for dinner, most nights,
or its close cousin.
Speaking of cousin, if you are my cousin, and reading this post from your
new home in America, could you kindly email moi?
S'il vous plait?
Stay fabulous.

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