Friday, 31 August 2012

Northey Street's Fairies

The Northey Street City Farm in Windsor, Brisbane is the ultimate Silk Purse
Run by volunteers, good fairies.
And some Brisbane City Council funding.
Providing all types of edible landscape goodness
This'd be a fitting Flora-one-of-a-Kind for a day at the City Farm.
I choofed off to City farm today, to get some Sow's Ear stocks for a
spring planting at the chalkface.
Following today's Blue Moon working bee.
Actually, only involving one bee volunteer.
Here's the bee in action.
How good is she?
To be honest, much of it is a dry, decimated bed.
No rain for 42 days.
'Cept a smidgeon.
The City Farm on Northey Street's the bomb. All right.
I bought these plantings.
A Tangerine tree.
Strawberries and Australian indigenous bush tucker plants.
Comfrey, Brazilian spinach and mint.
And three other plants I can't remember what the names are?
Have to email Northey Street to ask what's what.
The workers will get stuck into planting at the chalkface's Sow's Ear on Monday.
I was sad to hear that the City Farm's retail nursery's struggling
to keep its plants' heads above the fiscal waters.
Sad. We all need to get behind the nursery.
Take your fist full of plant coins down there.
I swear it's 40% cheaper!
Forget the big names.
If you do social media whatevers, can you plug Northey Street's Nursery and its growing goodness.
Tell all folks to get to Northey Street for everything you can
poke-a-pitch fork at or throw manure at,
and free advice.
We need a fiscal spike in sales revenue.
They deserve it.
Don't forget to go outside tonight and howl at the Blue Moon.
Or at least do a bit of gardening.


  1. I haven't been to Northey Street in ages! Great photos!

    1. Get in there Kellie and get some greens, like your blog too. I can relate to many of your musings! Will follow you. Thanks for your Northey St support. They still do the vege markets on weakens too. :)