Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Green Smoke and Mirrors

This lovely Flora-One-of-a-Kind is the result of gardening.
And bamboo.

I ponder what cannot be
Made from bamboo
To a craftsman; nothing

And, too be honest, I know what I'd rather be doing.
As much as I do love a Flora-fied scape.
It came about because of this,
bamboo, and plenty of it.
We've done our bit to off-set carbon-emissions.
No more Mr Victa for the backyard either.
Drought tolerant and easy-care.
Gentle summer breeze
Carrying a groaning rustle
Bamboo sparring with bamboo

I asked the bamboo
Where does your journey end?
Beyond that cloud; he replied

I am hypnotised by those lovely canes.
Such pleasurable views
Bamboo silhouetted against the moon
My lover in the moonlight
I have a love affair with the bamboo.
This however, I am not so enamoured.
Weeds and weeds.
High maintenance.
Time for a bit of smoke and mirrors.
Artificial turf, installed.
Pretty Green.

The paws appreciate it.

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  1. Artificial turf...all the rage here in Gay Paree....they put squares of it on their walls.....trés chic!

  2. This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there.
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