Sunday, 12 August 2012


Here's my leather Flora-one-of-a-Kind, ready to post to Tricia Smout
for one of her Artist-in-Residency collaborations at Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, Queensland.
It's hand-tooled and heat treated greige leather.
A nod to those Haussmann buildings in Paris.
Saw those from that walk above the Arts Viaduct, in Paris.

My leather rose's going to join a whole host of other little floras from all necks of the woods.
Message me if you want to  make a little fleur
 or partake in any other collaborations she's up to.
As previously declared, hit the garden hard today.
The only thing that kept me going was this,
bamboo cane litter,
perfect for fashioning into frippery

Also found a tiny sparrow nest and an empty snail shell.
The nest, lined with dacron fibres.
Clever little bird.
Luxury all right.
Fashioned the flora the minute the knock off bell rang.

Mr Fascinata wandered in from work yesterday with, I-could-not-believe-it under his arm.
Another box of lace from G!
Honestly, can someone be so kind?

Lovely friend L, styled this shot as above.
G, I've got lovely plans for this beauty.
This lovely lace is old and pure cotton.

It's been a weekend of high-output,
finally got someone to finish the Taj Mahal for the House of Flora.
How kind of both of them.
To be honest, I'd given up on it.
Also refashioned the living area.
Mr Fascinata, a stylish minimalist, has never quite
balanced the books to live with a maximalist.
Bought one of those crystalline pieces at a craft market in Versailles!
Wrapped it secretly, stashed it in a suitcase and continued the trip.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Fair to say, no matchy matchy in the House of Flora.
Mind you, he is responsible for the ceiling roses.
How can I be blamed?

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