Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Queen of the Fairies

I'm off to the Hamburg Ballet on Friday night.
To see a Midsummer Night's Dream. Lucky and grateful.
Here's beautiful Queen Titania (Actor Anita Louise)  circa 1930s, endorsing her Flora.
Don't bother looking for the Opera, Orchestra or Ballet company if you are in Hamburg a-t-m,
We've got the three over here!
Don't worry they are in good Antipodean hands.
I've made this feathered Flora hair slide as a nod to the lovely accouterments
I hope to see this Friday.
It's beaded and feathered.
To be honest, I did work in costume once-upon-a-time.
There was little glamour and it was tiring.
Don't know how those poor luvs do it.
Fashioned up this grey and silver band, as well.
Carefully crafted from the most-expensive-fabric-Flora's-ever-bought.
Remember? Close to $1000 per metre.
But nearly 75% reduced. Still.
Only bought a sliver.
For a high-maintenance-head.
Have to frock up, after all it is the ballet.
Might take the Judith Leiber out.
Can't wait to see what the Hamburg Ballet fairies do
on a Midsummer night in the woods.
There's a Blue Moon on Friday night.
Here's a Brisbane's Super Moon from a few moons ago.
Look out for our silvery friend this Friday.
Lucky for me, there's a working bee on the day for the community garden lovingly called the Sow's Ear
and the Blue Moon is listed in the Farmers Almanac as a beneficial time for planting.
Thank goodness, because we haven't had rain for 39 days
and I've been remiss folks. Sorry.
The Ear no longer looks like its former glory.
Thank garden goodness for the workers and the volunteers.


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