Monday, 20 August 2012

Sight Unseen

Had a catch up yesterday, with my friend A.
The only person in the world who gives you a gift when it's her birthday.
A silver leather rose, meaningful card and truffles. Unheard of.
But lovely.
In-situ, on my 2012 Gratitude Diary.
Have fixated this week on this mystery and glamour.

Capture the sensual allure of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel this fall with Coco Noir, the latest
in a coveted wardrobe of Chanel fragrances.
The scent embodies a soft, mysterious blend of sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, bourbon vanilla, and tonka bean–woven together as artfully as her signature tweed jackets–and bottled in a dark-as-night glass design,
with a touch of gold. Her evenings in Venice and visions of the Orient inspired this dark debut.
I read somewhere that people are pre-ordering Chanel's Coco Noir, sans smelling
Sight unseen.
I must admit, I'm hooked.
It could be the bottle alone.
Not sure what tonka bean is, but I'm sure I'll like it.
I can reason to a complex level that I deserve the new scent. I've
emailed Mr Fascinata's inbox, with a link-operable to Coco Noir
I eagerly asked him, 'Did you get my email?'
He replied, 'No, what address did you send it to?'
Point taken.
But here's my reasons.
I've been to Venice, and I'll bet Coco only went to the Hotel Danieli,
and couldn't really be bothered going anywhere else if it were Summer.
Perhaps Harry's Bar as well.
Bet she didn't buy a tourist-price-friendly black Point de Venise inspired lace fan, though.
Mind you those natty gondoliers' uniforms would have caught her eye.
 And I have trained the workers to know what is important in life.
And effectively role-modelled black.
In all its permutations.
She knows that I would happily eat-a-camellia for a bottle of the stuff.
And love making my apprentice-based camellias.
And have the appropriate accessories for the scent at the ready.
I can't argue with Coco's sentiments.
You bet.
She also knows that I love an orchid.
So much, that I took the Floras of the Orchid Society Hat Salon
on excursion.

She would be impressed that I up-cycled my Chanel perfume boxes
from days gone by into a carry-all.
Couldn't bear to depart with them. Yes people, I am a hoarder.
And recycled the inner packaging into fleurs for gift wrapping.
And, I always do my homework.

And, if it's applicable, it's got a camellia on-board.
There's a fair bit going on at the chalkface at present.
This is starting to arrive.
By the kilograms.
The workers' fruits of their labour.
And it's the fundraising week for the RSPCA cupcake stalls.
It's also Book Week
And Champions Read is the theme.
The Library will be gussied up.
Found this old 2006 Woman's Day in the preparations for the home office move.
Kept it because of Princess Mary's fascinator.
Might try to emulate.
It's lovely, isn't it?
 And so is she.

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