Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Good Theme

Have you been looking out for the Synchro Swimming?
If you've been around a few chalkfaces, you'll know that we are partial to a good theme.
The workers there spend a lot of time 'reasoning why'.
It seems the Olympics Synchronised Swimming in London, 2012 is no different.
Here's the Russian Preliminary Duet team with their costume,
in their puppet-themed glory!
Superb athletes,
but still allowing time for frippery, gets my vote.

And below is Brazil's The Human Body theme!
A rhinestone circulatory system. Didactic and fit.
With a musical accompaniment that breathed in-and-out.
And a purple rhinestone 'brain' bathing cap!

Check out France below!
A homage to the ballet.
Swan Lake.

Assisted by a choreographer from Cirque du Soleil.

And below the lovely Canadian duet.
Court Jester inspired piece.

Spain's Flamenco theme.

Duet USA sporting the Olympic torch and the Olympic Fanfare musical score.
Team Great Britain triggering creativity from the ravens of the Tower of London!

Italy's homage to Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo.

And Team Australia's nod to the samba.
Beautifully Florafied.

How lovely.
Don't forget to watch out for our old chalkface Arts Captain from 2007, Francesca Owen on
Foxtel Sports Olympic coverage this Thursday 9 August.
At the moment she's reserve for the Team Event!
Here's my nod to an Esther Williams style bathing fascinator Flora.

Set the record button for Thursday.

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