Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fit for a Kewpie

It's RNA showtime for Brisbane and I can't believe I've got Kewpie doll envy. 
Tried to stymie the urge and fashion the bamboo leaf litter frippery instead
with glitter and glam.
It's lightweight and still eco-friendly.

Before Kewpie.
I was perfectly fine until this arrived via SMS on the three-year-old BlackBerry.
All-in-check before the Kewpie sighting.
Triggered a searched for this.
The kewpies at our very own Royal National Agricultural Show.
Also know as the ekka.
Thanks to for the inspiration, too.
Broke out the glitter with gay abandon.
And after the Kewpie sighting, a nod to those 1909 nonsenses on a stick,
glittered and glad-ragged in organza and mesh.
Made this One-of-a-Kind Flora corsage.

Consulted the show's schedule for any canine capers, to find the French Bulldogs
showcased and judged on the official 'peoples' day holiday!
That's were I'll be, yes-siree.
Not with our own champion, who's not shy of a bit of frippery.
But plenty of others.
Can't wait.



  1. Hello fellow Bris Blogger and Francophile! Great blog post and yes, I too remember the kewpie dolls on a stick very fondly. Although back in my day *cough*, they had pretty tiaras made from acrylic film and glitter and they were BIGGER. At least they seemed so. I'm here if you're interested in popping in...
    ...Mimi x

    1. Hi all, could someone please tell me where I can get plain cupie dolls to dress myself from wholesale? I am up near Bundaberg but am happy to buy interstate if needs be. Thanks Gabby