Saturday, 4 August 2012


Sorry, I didn't get time to invite you but,
today I  joined the Karuna Hospice family at Karuna's Art & Jewellery Market in Windsor, Brisbane. This year the market is celebrating its 10th year of fantastic support. If you haven't been to the market yet, you would just love it (and if you are a Brisbane resident there's still time!). 
It is an art, craft, jewellery and clothing fair which is very popular and helps raise money so they can provide essential services to the community in relation to supporting those who are experiencing grief and loss. Only 50% of Karuna's funding comes from Queensland Health
 and the remaining money must be raised through donations.
The market is full of the most lovely bits and pieces.
I fixated only on the beads.

It's a bit brisk in Brisbane, Queensland today.
The high pressure system has kept early morning temperatures low.
Trotted out in a down filled parker. Unheard of.
These two weren't going anywhere, soon.
I am still perversely chuffed about the artificial turf.
Should I be?
May not be politically correct, but by golly it's
Can't stop admiring its artifice and trickery.
The thought of never pulling weed again makes my heart sing. Loudly.
At Karuna's craft and bric a brac market I bought these bejewelled leather flip flops or thongs
(as known in the Antipodes).
You won't be seeing my hooves any closer anytime soon.
Because they no longer look like this:

Here's some neck frippery purchased at Karuna, too.
The dog's bored, there's a sign.
Enjoy the day.
It's beautiful here.

A Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
Blush Rose.


  1. Hey Flora...good to hear about your support for Karuna. Like those thongs too....but a down filled parka in August.....that IS unheard of. Like your blog...lots of fun!!! When are you coming to Gay Paree? A bientot.

  2. Fiscal constraints prevent a sojourn this year. Next Year I really hope! Your Paris chronicles are wonderful to read, too. Thank you for dropping by.Sincerely, Flora.

  3. Colorful. I love all of them. And I like the green space.
    artificial grass market place